Quantitative Methods Workshop
Non-MIT Undergraduates

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A seven-day intensive workshop designed to introduce students to quantitative tools and programming languages used to analyze experimental data in biology and neuroscience.

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Valerie Ann Pérez Medina

I learned programming languages like MATLAB that have helped me in classes and allowed me to analyze data in a project I recently started. Tools like this will help me become a better engineer, scientist, and researcher. I treasured meeting grad students, undergraduates, and faculty from different backgrounds and sharing netbet online sports bettingstories about overcoming obstacles. These experiences taught me that, with perseverance, I can achieve my goals.

Who Should Apply

  • Application is by invitation only
  • Read Program Details for more information
  • A free 8-week version of this course is offered online through edX  
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Program Details

First week of January

  • Introduces programming languages such as MATLAB and Python
  • Introduces experimental approaches and tools such as fMRI, MEG, and Calcium imaging used to generate experimental data
  • Covers select topics in statistics, neuroscience, genomics, and cognitive science
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