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Transfer Credit

High school courses

We do not give credit for biology courses taken during high school. This applies to advanced placement courses or other courses taken at the college-level by high school students.

Current students and students on leave from MIT

For questions regarding courses taken outside of MIT including cross-registration courses at Harvard or Wellesley and courses taken during the summer, contact the department Credit Transfer Examiner in the Education Office. Please note that all requests for transfer of credit must be pre-approved in advance before enrolling in a course. Transfer credit should not be assumed.

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Transfer students

If you apply to MIT as a transfer student and enter as an upperclassman, having completed at least netbet sports betting appone full academic year at another university, you may apply for biology transfer credit for coursework done at your previous institution.

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If your credit for Introductory Biology (7.012) is not approved, you may apply to take the Biology GIR Validation Exam. This exam is offered at the same time as the Advanced Standing Exam (ASE), but unlike the ASE, your grade will not be recorded on your transcript. If you do not pass, you will need to take Introductory Biology (7.012, 7.013, 7.014, 7.015, or 7.016) to fulfill your Biology GIR. Please note that in order to be approved to take the Validation Exam, a Request of Additional Credit Form must be submitted in advance to the Transfer Credit Examiner.

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