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Our students thrive in an atmosphere that promotes exploration and collaboration across all areas of research and study. Our professors have an infectious passion for instruction and strive netbet sports bettingto teach each course better than it’s ever been taught before.  Undergraduates and teaching assistants enhance the quality of the department with their research, knowledge, and creativity. Rigorous standards and a supportive culture combine to foster a powerful environment for learning.

Hear From Our Students

“You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do coming in. If there are several areas of interest to you, MIT Biology will help you explore them.”
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The Academic Experience

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Our undergraduate curriculum is designed to give you a sophisticated understanding of the fundamental principles and prevailing and emerging approaches to biology with particular emphasis on molecular and cellular biology. Coursework emphasizes methods and logic rather than a particular set of facts.

We offer four courses and minor options:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology | Course 7
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology | Course 5-7 (offered jointly by Biology and Chemistry)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Molecular Biology | Course 6-7 (offered jointly by Biology and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Biology Minor

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“Biology classes have NetBet sporta reputation for being memorization-heavy, but MIT Bio’s approach is all about taking the information you’ve learned and using it to solve interesting problems.”
Leah McKinney SB ’20, Course 7

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Research and Career Development

Undergraduate study in the department provides a strong foundation for research and a variety of career opportunities. Laboratory research allows you to gain a working knowledge of experimental design, data evaluation, and scientific presentation. Our affiliated labs and research centers afford unprecedented opportunities for undergraduates to participate in groundbreaking projects and interdisciplinary collaborations with clinical and therapeutic applications.

Explore Department Research

“I’ve worked in the same lab since my freshman fall, and I love how — in every class I take — something ties back to my research.”
Muskaan Aggarwal SB ’20, Course 7

Learn More from Your Peers

When undergrads swap stories with their counterparts at other schools, they quickly come to the conclusion that the MIT Biology experience is different. We encourage netbet sports bettingour students to think creatively as they define their own course roadmap.