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Students pipetting in lab

netbet online sports bettingWe value our collaborative nature and encourage you to feel like full partners in the work of the department, taking on leading roles in shaping undergraduate life. In the classroom and in research, we promote camaraderie rather than competition. Though the life of an MIT Biology undergrad is intense and demanding, we hope you find yourself more energized than daunted by new challenges.

Academic Resources

Our curriculum is designed to allow flexibility, and exploration of other subjects is encouraged:

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research is an integral part of undergraduate education and original laboratory research is a key part of the Biology major. Approximately 85% of MIT undergraduates participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. Learn More

Explore Research Areas

Career Development

Biology is an excellent entry point for many professions. These resources offer guidance whether you’re looking for your first internship experience NetBet sportor thinking about life after MIT. Learn More

Student Organizations and Resources

Our community extends far beyond the classroom and lab:

The Biology Undergraduate Student Association (BUSA) sponsors an annual lecture by a prominent biologist; a variety of student-faculty gatherings; community-service activities; a tutoring program for MIT Biology core courses; and seminars focusing on biomedical ethics and career development.

The BioREFS (Resource for Easing Friction and Stress) provide MIT’s Biology community with an independent resource to support, encourage, diffuse, and mediate during times of stress.

The Biology Undergraduate (BUG) lounge provides a place for students to hang out, plan seminars and social events, and swap advice and experiences.

Contact BUSA

The MIT Biotech Group serves as an avenue for undergraduates to gain exposure and networking opportunities within the biotechnology industry.

The MIT Microbiome Club brings together students, researchers, clinicians, and members of the public currently working on or netbet sports betting appinterested in the field of human microbiome studies.