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General Institute Requirement

All undergraduate students are required to complete the Biology General Institute Requirement (GIR).  There are two ways for you to complete this requirement: core class 7.01x or the Biology Advanced Standing Exam.

Core class 7.01x

Every semester we offer several versions of the Biology GIR: 7.01x. All of the classes cover the same core material, as well as distinctive material.

The core material focuses on function at a molecular level including:

  • Molecules of Life
  • Enzymes and metabolism
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell Biology

Subject options

You can make changes to your recitation section in your 7.01x Canvas site.

7.01x Comparison Sheet

NetBet live casino Offered Typical enrollment Lecture Recitations Suggested background knowledge Other considerations
7.012 Fall 350-400 MWF 10 – 11am TR multiple times None Covers broad range of topics in biology. Excellent option for those with little exposure to Biology. Recommended for first years and sophomores (does not fit in the schedule of most upperclassmen)
7.015 Fall Limited to 60 TR 9:30 – 11am MW multiple times Some chemistry suggested Teaches fundamentals through modules and discussions; Ideal for students who prefer a smaller sized class
7.014 Spring ~180 MWF 11 – 12pm noon TR Some chemistry suggested Emphasize on ecology, evolution, and earth as dynamic system
7.016 Spring ~220 MWF 10 – 11am TR None Spring 7.01x option that is similar to 7.012 in content.

Lottery information

NetBet live casinoAll biology classes where the number of students registered surpasses the number of seats available will be subjected to a general lottery.

To be considered for an over-enrolled 7.01x course, first year students should register by the fall registration deadline, the last Thursday in August before Labor Day.

Please note that students who are not lotteried into a class may need to enroll in a Biology GIR: 7.01x class in a subsequent semester.

If you have additional questions about the lottery process, contact

GIR Video

Questions? Contact
Joshua Stone, Undergraduate Office
Janice Chang, Educational Administrator